Hey! I’ve been gone for some days (weeks?), I’m sorry.

I don’t feel like playing right now and I’m busy with some real life stuff, but I’ll be back soon. To those of you who are waiting for your sim requests - I didn’t forget! I’ll work on them as soon as possible c:

Anonymous asked:
"after you sign up how long does it take until you get it? :)"

It took just a day for me, but it may vary! Some people still haven’t gotten it.

Anonymous asked:
"Hi, I'm sorry to bother you but how do you get the demo? I'm very confused, does it just appear in origin or do you have to sign up somewhere? Thanks in advance :)"

Hi! You’re not bothering at all.

I signed up in the Sims homepage, and the next day the Demo just appeared in Origin. Here is more info about how to do it!

Spots are limited though, so even if you sign up it doesn’t mean you’ll get it :/.

Ugh. So many TS4 CAS pics in my dashboard… I would blacklist the tag because they make me really jealous, but they’re all so pretty I can’t look away :I